Stephanie S. Michel, Lawyer

I received my law degree with honors from the American University, and my undergraduate degree in English with honors from the University of Arizona.  I am licensed to practice law in Illinois and obtained my family law mediation certification from Northwestern University. I am also a licensed as a real estate agent and title agent in Illinois.

My law practice centers on residential real estate closings in Chicago, Evanston and other North Shore suburbs.  I am a member of the Illinois Bar Association's real estate and family law divisions, as well as the American Bar Association's real estate and family law divisions.   When I'm not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy traveling, yoga and scuba diving. 



Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Salty Michel, Forever Friend

Impounded somewhere in Missouri and facing death by lethal injection, Salty was saved by Grahamville Rescue and Sanctuary a day before he was scheduled to be put to sleep.

Feeling guilty about getting divorced, I let my children talk me into adopting Salty.  He was supposed to be very, very good and potty trained.  He is very, very good but very not potty trained.